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About the JI

The Joint Institute brings together top researchers from Michigan Medicine and Peking University Health Science Center for high-impact research to advance medicine in the U.S. and China.

Established in 2010, the Joint Institute for Translational and Clinical Research marked its 10-year anniversary in the fall of 2020. Leaders and faculty from Michigan Medicine and PKUHSC gathered for a virtual celebration to reflect on a decade of innovation, friendship and collaboration, and lay out a vision for the next phase of this unique institutional partnership.

Drs. Anna Lok (Michigan Medicine) and Lai Wei (PKUHSC) describe their collaboration, which strives to identify genetic markers that predict the progression from chronic HCV infection to cirrhosis and HCC, and to identify and validate blood markers of liver fibrosis and early HCC in patients.

Drs. Cristen Willer (Michigan Medicine) and Ming Xu (PKUHSC) discuss their joint research project examining Chinese individuals with MI to test whether the same variants and genes identified in Europeans are also associated in Asian individuals.

JI by the Numbers


U-M Professor of Environmental Health Sciences Chuanwu Xi speaks during the virtual session

A recent global health-focused seminar between U-M faculty and colleagues in China finds the Joint Institute exploring collaborations in new directions.

A Joint Institute project to diagnose and combat sepsis, the leading cause of death and readmissions in U.S. hospitals, has garnered funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

New research awards for 2021 find the Joint Institute expanding into new areas of discovery.

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