Cancer Program Seminar: Apply CRISPRomics in Cancer Drug Targets Discovery

April 18, 2024
Virtual - Zoom

The next session of the Joint Institute's Cancer Program Seminar Series will feature a discussion with Dr. Shaokun Shu of PKU International Cancer Institute.

Utilizing a comprehensive approach that integrates multi-omics profiling with functional genomic screening, Dr. Shaokin's laboratory is dedicated to identify novel epigenetic drug targets within tumor cells and elucidating the mechanism of drug response and resistance. Additionally, he and his team are pioneering the development of advanced drug-omics methods to unravel the intricate mechanisms of action and resistance for target therapeutics, to develop the effective combination treatments that can overcome drug resistance, thereby facilitating the progression of target therapy into clinical trials.

His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring colleagues from both UMMS and PKUHSC.