2023 Joint Institute Symposium

We are pleased to announce the return of the Michigan Medicine-Peking University Health Science Center Joint Institute Symposium for 2023. This year's meeting, the first since 2019, will take place on the PKUHSC campus this fall: Sept. 27, 28 and 29 (W-Th-F), 2023. 

We hope you can join the U-M delegation in Beijing for a chance to share knowledge, advance research and reconnect with our friends and colleagues at PKUHSC. Full program details will be announced soon.

At this time, because the price of travel to Beijing is higher than usual, please do not purchase airline tickets on your own. Reach out to Amy Huang, Global REACH Director for Asia Programs and JI Administrative co-Lead, prior to booking any flights.

Because this is the first in-person JI Symposium since 2019, the poster session will be an opportunity for research teams to highlight their project and progress in the intervening years.

It is also a chance for attendees who are new to the JI to showcase their own research and meet potential collaborators.

Submission guidelines


Abstract Titles

  • Title should be brief but should not contain abbreviations.
  • Use sentence case (i.e., do not capitalize all letters or all words in the title, only the first word and proper nouns).


  • The form will ask only for primary authors (i.e., first/last authors, and/or Co-PIs).
  • No need to include titles and credentials, as they will not be included in the printed program book.
  • Do not use all-caps.


  • Abstracts are limited to 300 words.
  • Do not include title, authors, or author affiliations in the abstract text.
  • Abstracts may include background, methods, results, conclusions, and funding-source acknowledgements, if applicable.

Submission deadline: Aug. 1, 2023