JI Manuscript Editing Service

The Joint Institute (JI) office provides draft manuscript review and editing services for JI faculty. Our team can assist with proofreading for grammatical errors, formatting and design elements (e.g., figures, charts, visual abstracts) if needed. Allow a one-week turnaround time, possibly longer if design elements are required.

  1. Any JI faculty or researcher is eligible to use the service.
  2. Manuscripts must be based on JI-funded work.
  3. Must include credited authors from both U-M and PKUHSC.
  4. Manuscripts must include an acknowledgement of JI support.
  5. Manuscripts submitted for review must be in their final versions.

Programs Manager Jiawei Ribaudo holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and has years of English as a Second Language (ESL) training experience in academia, including co-leading seminars on research publication writing for ESL audiences. She is a trained reviewer for Pre-Publication Support Service (PREPSS), the UM-led organization providing manuscript development and writing support to health researchers from around the globe to address authorship disparities. Communications Manager Craig McCool has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and has ample experience writing for newspapers, as well as corporate and academic audiences. He is also the designer for the Journal of Health Administration Education.

For questions or a case-by-case assessment, contact Global REACH Programs Manager Jiawei Ribaudo.