JI Grant Proposal Editing Service

The Joint Institute (JI) office provides grant editing service to the JI faculty. The editor will review formatting, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency. If applicable, the editor may also comment on overall organization, content flow, experimental design, and responsiveness to funding purposes. The goal is to assist the JI faculty in securing extramural funding.

The editor, Melissa Li, is a trained cardiovascular pharmacologist and certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS). She is also an active member of Scientific Editors Network, a national working group of scientific editors and writers. In her previous roles, she routinely edited grant proposals (e.g., NIH R01 and P01) and piloted a grant editing workshop for staff at U-M.


  • Any JI faculty is eligible to use the service. The project role may be PI, Co-Investigator, or Collaborator.
  • Begin the process by completing and submitting an Editing Request Form.
  • Projects based on the JI-funded work have priorities.
  • Drafts for review must be in their final versions. A proposal is reviewed only once.
  • The usual application components for editing include the following:
    • Introduction (if resubmission); Summary Statement is welcome to be shared with the editor.
    • Specific Aims
    • Research Strategy
    • Candidate Section (K awards)
  • The service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The turnaround time is about 7-10 business days. Investigators are encouraged to submit an Editing Request Form well in advance, so that the editor is aware of upcoming requests and able to plan work accordingly.
  • Manuscripts are not eligible for the service, unless with a strong justification.

For questions or a case-by-case assessment, contact Melissa Li at melilimi@umich.edu.