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Keynote Speech

Why We Need Precision Medicine, Qimin Zhan, MD, PhD, President, PUHSC

How Precision Medicine Will Improve Health: Big Data and the Tools Needed to Achieve Tomorrow’s Aspirations, Marschall S. Runge, MD, PhD, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, Dean of the Medical School, UMMS

Selected JI Symposium Panel Discussion

Breakthrough and Landscape of Acral and Mucosal Melanomas, Jun Guo, MD, PhD, Director, Melanoma & Renal Cancer, Vice President, PUHSC Cancer Hospital & Institute

Translating the Cancer Genome to the Clinic, Scott A. Tomlins, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Genitourinary Pathology, MCTP Clinical Laboratory - Oncomine Cancer Panel Test, Department of Pathology, UMMS

Cross-talk between oncogenic and immunogenic pathways and cancer immunotherapy, Weiping Zou, MD, PhD, Charles B. de Nancrede Professor of Surgery, Immunology and Biology, Co-Director, Cancer Immunology and Transplantation Biology program, UMMS

Generation of Viral Vectors with Precision Tropisms for Gene Therapy, Demin Zhou, PhD, Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Science, PUHSC

Towards Precision Therapy for Cancer: the Michigan Experience, Shaomeng Wang, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry, UMMS

From Precision to Clinician: What can we learn from previous bioinformatics efforts to improve the point of care? Sachin Kheterpal, MD, MBA, Assoc. Professor of Anesthesiology UMMS

Precision medicine: Promoting the Development of Reproductive Medicine, Jie Qiao, MD, PhD, Professor of Ob/Gyn, President, PUSHC Third Hospital

Opportunities for Precision Discovery, Goncalo Abecasis, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics, UM School of Public Health

Precision Medicine: Concerns and Paves Road for the Future, Yali Cong, PhD, Professor of Bioethics, Medical Ethics, PUHSC

Precision Medicine & Epilepsy, Yuwu Jiang, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, PUHSC

Selected JI Project Presentations

Finding genes for myocardial infarction and blood lipid levels in a Chinese sample from Beijing, Cristen Willer, PhD, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, UMMS

Quantitative Measurements of Brain Iron Overload After Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Ran Liu, MD, Associate Chief Physician, Department of Neurology, PUHSC First Hospital

Predictors of Hepatitis C Progression, Anna Lok, MD, Professor of Hepatology, Asst. Dean for Clinical Research, UMMS

Towards Molecular Prognosis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in UMMS and PUHSC, Matthias Kretzler, MD, Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor of Medicine, Professor of Department of Internal
Medicine, Nephrology Department of Computational, Medicine and Bioinformatics, UMMS